Skinners 2.0 Barefoot Shoes

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XXS 36-37 5.5-6.5 4.5-5.5 24 9 1/2
XS 38-39 7-8 6-7 25 9 9/10
S 40-41 8.5-9.5 7.5-8.5 26 10 1/4
M 41-42 9.5-10.5 8.5-9.5 27 10 5/8
L 43-44 11-12 10-11 28 11
XL 45-46 12.5-13.5 11.5-12.5 29 11 2/5
XXL 47-48 14-15 13-14 30 11 4/5
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Skinners are literally the closest thing to running around barefoot. They feel like socks but are as safe as shoes. The new Skinners 2.0 barefoot shoes come with a broader toe box, a removable insole that protects your feet from sharp and pointed underground and a new size chart that guarantees a better fit. The new fibre mixture is more breathable and prevents odor development. Skinners 2.0 are perfect for doing sports, in your free time or at home.


If you are already a fan of running barefoot, then we don’t have to convince you that Skinners are addictive. Every running shoe has its advantages but you can use Skinners as a bonus to increase your running performance – the muscles in your calves will get even stronger.

Skinners Barefoot Shoes Socks Walking Sockshoes

Swimming / Vacation

Hot Sand, sharp and pointy rocks or the unknown depths of the sea? Who doesn’t know that oppressive feeling? Strolling around the beach barefoot is not always the best idea but if you put on your Skinners? Then you don’t have to worry about a thing!

Skinners Sock Shoes for Swimming Vacation Leisure

Hiking / Camping

It is the same as with running shoes. Every special footwear has its advantages but isn’t it an indescribable feeling to walk some paths barefoot or in our Skinners? Skinners are also a very comfortable and popular slipper on your favorite chalet. Easily packable and also an alternative if you get Blisters easily! In combination with the Wundersocks? Maybe the best thing you can do for your feet.

Skinners Barefoot Sockshoes


You have the best perception of your body, when you are barefoot. But being barefoot in a gym is not allowed. With Skinners it is almost the same as training barefoot – slip-resistant and more hygienic. The polymeric material sole even is no problem for parquet flooring – so you can use them in gymnasiums.

Skinners Sockshoes for Yoga and Fitness


Riding your bike with Skinners sounds weird, right? But we really want people who ride a racing bike, be aware of our Skinners. They fit into every jersey and when you get out of your cycling shoes, you can easily slip on the Skinners. You will see that they are a delight for your sore feet. You can also use the Skinners on a normal bike but you have to be careful which pedal you are using!

Skinners Sockshoes for Biking and Cycling


We also got feedback from people with osteoporosis and rheumatism who used our Skinners in conjunction with physiotherapy and training. After a short time they felt an improvement and got healthier.

Skinners Sockshoes for Physiotheraphy

Skinners 2.0 + Wundersocks

Wundersocks are the perfect companion for Skinners. These socks provide a great combination of comfort, breathability, and cushioning that is ideal for every foot. With Wundersocks around your feet, you can be sure that your Skinners SockShoes will stay comfortable all day long.

Skinners Sockshoes and Wundersocks

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