Merino Wool Casual Socks Alp Dot

$24.00 (Vat incl.)


There they are – Merino wool casual socks – Alp Dots, our brand-new business socks with the trendy dot pattern. Expecting long days in the office? Alp Dots are the perfect business socks to meet any challenge. Our cushion socks of merino wool protect your feet from aching pressure points and blisters. If you are struggling with moisture – the efficient natural fiber drains it away in no time. Your feet will always stay dry in our Alp Dots business socks.
The luxurious wear comfort of Alp Dots is not by chance – the business socks are designed without elastic and seams. The business socks prevent pressure points and constrictions. Alp Dots do not slip, the business socks provide maximum protection and free movement. Even unpleasant odors are not an issue, the business socks are antibacterial. When it’s hot, you can feel their cooling effect on your skin. In cold weather, rain or snow, our merino wool business socks will keep your feet warm. In Alp Dots you will get ultra-comfortably through challenging days in the office.

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