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Meet the Founders

Our passion belongs to the great outdoors.

The idea to create a new type of sock was born of this passion. In addition to spending his life exploring nature, Sport Mayrl founder Max also ran the New York City Marathon several times in the 1980s. For some 40 years, he has provided the most curated services for visitors looking to have a great time in the Alps. He has also worked tirelessly for years to improve the quality of our socks. As a ski instructor, Martin spends a lot of time on the mountain, testing and evaluating our sock prototypes. Lukas is a hiking enthusiast and outdoor fanatic. He loves the Alps, the Rocky Mountains and the natural diversity of Utah.

Our Vision

At Wundersocks®, we believe that socks are the foundation of every great outdoor experience. Over the years, we have tried many different sock brands, but after listening to our customers we knew we could do better. Solving foot-related problems became our obsession. Our customers experience chafing, blisters and foot pain, and our motivation is to solve these problems by designing and creating socks made of the best materials.

"At Wundersocks we believe that socks are the foundation of every great outdoor experience."

How it all started

How it started
How it started

Our story began before we started selling socks. We started our journey 40 years ago when we started selling sporting goods from a small garage. Today, we have seven retail stores and continue to grow.

Our Roots

We are from South Tyrol, the northernmost region of Italy. The Alps are our backyard, and that’s where we get our inspiration and the drive to create the best socks in the world.