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Experience the Wundersocks comfort and lightness with every step.

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Merino Wool Socks, Hiking Socks, Business Socks, non binding Socks


For every occasion; leisure, everyday & sports.

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100% Merino Wool. Temperature regulating,
UV protection. Soft.

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A new and innovative insole concept, for a healthier lifestyle.

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Skinners Sockenschuhe, Barefoot Shoes


100% Barefoot feeling. Skinners are literally the closest thing to running around barefoot

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Made in Italy

Made in Italy

We are from Südtirol. Our passion belongs to the great outdoors.

Wundersocks are designed by Sport Mayrl, a family-owned business in the South Tyrol region of the Italian Alps. We have spent 30 years perfecting our socks with the help of locals and outdoor experts. Based on our experiences, research, and exhaustive tests and trials, we developed our Merino wool socks right here in the heart of the Alps, and they truly live up to their name – "Wundersocks". Made in Italy.

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