Long Sleeve Merino Wool Polo Shirt for Women Alana

$99.00 (Vat incl.)


At home just as outdoors, the long sleeve merino wool polo shirt Alana is the right choice. It warms you in the cold and protects you from the wind. Thanks to the temperature-regulating merino wool, it does exactly the opposite when it’s hot – it cools your skin down. If it gets really hot, the smart long sleeve merino wool polo shirt keeps the sweat away from your skin. The moisture evaporates much faster than on cotton shirts. That’s why you don’t have to worry about sweat stains.

The long sleeve merino wool polo shirt not only feels velvety soft on your skin, it also looks stylish. The hidden buttons, the fixed collar and the slight waist form the ideal counterpart to the classic short-sleeved polo shirt. The women’s polo shirt made of 100% merino wool has a high-quality finish and is breathable. It wears excellently in changing weather conditions. When the sun shines, it provides UV protection.
The women’s long sleeve merino wool polo shirt not only impresses when hiking, trekking or mountaineering, but also on the golf course and in all outdoor activities. Get the velvety soft and light women’s polo shirt for your next outdoor adventure!

RECOMMENDED USE: Golf, Hiking, Trekking, all-season