Smart Casual Loose Fit Merino Women’s Short Sleeve T-Shirt Laura

$69.00 (Vat incl.)


100% merino wool meets sporty elegance. The slightly tapered T-shirt with longer sleeves is the ideal outfit for everyday life and leisure activities. Besides, it is easy-to-combine. Thanks to the 100% merino wool, the material feels loose and light. The merino T-shirt with longer sleeves is breathable and absorbs moisture. You can wear it all seasons. The women’s merino T-shirt dries quickly and is naturally antibacterial. You don’t need to worry about unpleasant odors, even when it’s hot. In addition, it provides sufficient UV protection.
Our T-shirt with longer sleeves is also the right choice in changing weather conditions. It cools you down in the heat and makes sure you don’t get cold, even in the wind or when the temperature drops. The merino women’s T-shirt with longer sleeves is the ideal companion for style conscious women who don’t like it too body-hugging or their sleeves too short.

RECOMMENDED USE: leisure, sport, yoga, everyday use, all-season

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