Skinners Sock Shoes for Kids Barefoot Shoes Skinners 2.0

$46.90 (Vat incl.)


Here they are, the brand new Skinners sock shoes for kids 2.0 – the innovative and new edition of the Skinners barefoot shoes! What is new? A new design, a new technology and reduced compression. The breathable and removable barefoot sole guarantees outdoor and indoor fun without any limits. Whether in kindergarten, on the playground or at the lake – in the Skinners sock shoes for kids, your children train and mobilize their muscles and joints, besides they stimulate their reflex zones. Let the kids create the basis for a healthy foot development in a playful way – in our Skinners sock shoes for kids.
Scared of sharp stones or stinging wasps? Not in our sock shoes for children. The Skinners provide a maximum of safety and comfort. They are light, fit into any jacket pocket and are water-friendly. Besides they guarantee the perfect grip within your sock shoe and on all surfaces. No more tying shoes – slip in and done! The innovative Skinners 2.0 are the most comfortable sock shoes for kids. Just like barefoot – with a plus of protection and cleanliness.

Used for:
Leisure time, kindergarten, indoor, outdoor, for children, all-season

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