100% Merino Wool Baselayer Long Johns Thermal Underwear Dan

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Body height 160-162 164-166 168-170 172-174 176-178 180-182 184-186 188-190
Chest 78-80 84-86 90-92 96-98 102-104 108-110 116-120 126-130
Waist 62-64 68-70 74-76 80-82 86-88 92-94 100-104 110-114
Hips 80-82 86-88 92-94 98-100 104-106 110-112 118-122 128-132
Body height 152-154 156-158 160-162 164-166 168-170 172-174 176-178
Chest 76-78 82-84 88-90 94-96 98-100 104-106 110-114
Waist 50-52 56-58 62-64 70-72 76-78 82-84 90-94
Hips 78-80 84-86 90-92 96-98 102-104 108-110 116-120
These highly functional merino wool base layer long johns in a dynamic design impress with their material - the high-performing merino fiber. At low temperatures, the merino wool long johns keep your legs warm. When temperatures rise and during physical exertion, the cooling effect of the merino wool kicks in. The men's underpants absorb sweat and moisture and are quick-drying. At the same time, they protect you from excessive cooling. The functional merino underdrawers ensure utterly freedom of movement and are highly breathable. The super-light merino fiber is ultra-comfortable to wear and feels soft on your skin without any itching. Our men's merino wool long johns with fly are equipped with an elastic waistband. You benefit from maximum comfort. Besides, the antibacterial 100% merino wool prevents unpleasant odors.

100% Merino Wool, 160g/m2
Certified mulesing free
Enjoy the feeling of luxurious softness and the highest quality Merino wool on the market

Washing Machine: Wool setting (max 40°C)
Use a neutral, mild detergent
Do not tumble dry
Do not use softeners, do not use bleach

Wonderful World of Wunderfit

Wunderfit is gentle.

Wunderfit is incredibly soft and fine, unlike traditional wool, which can be scratchy. Its natural fibers feel gentle against the skin, making it comfortable to wear, even for those with sensitive skin.

Wunderfit is natural.

Wunderfit renowned for its exceptional temperature-regulating properties. It keeps you warm in cold weather and cool in warm weather, thanks to the wool’s natural insulation. This makes it an ideal choice for a variety of outdoor activities.

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Wunderfit plays well.

Wunderfit merino’s moisture-wicking high performance properties help keep athletes dry by efficiently wicking away sweat from the skin, preventing discomfort and chafing during intense physical activity like working out, running and yoga. Our fabric’s natural breathability and temperature-regulating capabilities help maintain a comfortable body temperature, whether it’s a hot summer day or a chilly winter morning, making it ideal for year-round sports wear.

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