Men’s 100% Merino Wool T-Shirt. Ideal for Sprint and Summer. Odor free, temperature regulating. The shirt can be worn for multiple days before washing.

Used for
Men, Spring/Summer, Leisure

160g/m2 Merino Wool, Mulesing Free certified


$69.00 (Vat incl.)

$69.00 (Vat incl.)
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What We Are Made From

Wunderfit Apparel is made out of 100% Merino Wool.
100% natural, renewable and biodegradable.

Warm and cool

Merino Wool keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer.

UV resistant

Wunderfit Merino Shirts absorb UV radiation and protect you from the sun. Ideal for any outdoor activity.

Odour resistant

Merino Wool absorbs moisture, which means less sweating. Our apparel can be worn multiple days in a row.