Merino Wash

Grangers Merino Wash is a wash-in product designed to gently clean and care for merino wool clothing. It has been formulated to remove dirt and neutralise odours without impairing the performance of your garment. With added cedar extract to protect against moths, this product helps keep your merino articles in great shape.




Soft, warming, comfortable Socks

Because you can’t be comfortable without your own Wundersocks.

Socks Features
Temperature regulation
Moisture control
80% Merino Wool
16% Polyamide
  4% Elastan
Prevents sweaty feet, blisters, and frictions
Easy to care for
With Emergency Number


The materials that give our socks comfort and durability are found in the mountains, both in natural products and those derived from them. Wundersocks are made from a custom blend of Merino wool, nylon and elastane.


This is the strength that holds the Merino wool together. The soft fabric is known for its durability and breathability, and is widely used in athletic wear.

Merino Wool

Merino wool is the softest and warmest wool there is, and that’s why we use only the finest strands in our socks.


Your socks need to stay up. This exceptional elastic fiber makes sure they do.

Socken mit Notrufnummer

Made in Italy

Wundersocks are designed and made in Italy by Sport Mayrl, a family-owned business in the South Tyrol region of the Italian Alps. We have spent 30 years perfecting our socks with the help of locals and outdoor experts. Based on our experiences, research, and exhaustive tests and trials, we developed our merino wool socks right here in the heart of the Alps, and they truly live up to their name – "Wundersocks".


Studies show that only 25% of European citizens are aware that the 112 emergency number can be dialed throughout the EU. All the more reason why we added both the European and Italian emergency numbers, in clear, high-contrast stitching on both toes.