100% Merino Wool Long Johns Thermal Underwear Dan

$69.00 (Vat incl.)


These highly functional merino wool long johns in a dynamic design impress with their material – the high-performing merino fiber. At low temperatures, the merino wool long johns keep your legs warm. When temperatures rise and during physical exertion, the cooling effect of the merino wool kicks in. The men’s underpants absorb sweat and moisture and are quick-drying. At the same time, they protect you from excessive cooling. The functional merino underdrawers ensure utterly freedom of movement and are highly breathable. The super-light merino fiber is ultra-comfortable to wear and feels soft on your skin without any itching. Our men’s merino wool long johns with fly are equipped with an elastic waistband. You benefit from maximum comfort. Besides, the antibacterial 100% merino wool prevents unpleasant odors.

RECOMMENDED USE: Outdoor sports, winter, hiking, skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing