The best socks

Produkt: Wundersocks

Hiking is so much fun, we especially like doing hut tours in the Alps.
But if your condition is good and you have to abort your walk for the umpteenth time because you get blisters, then walking becomes a fight …
Similarly in 2018 our hut tour (Stubai) had to abort for my blisters, stopped our vacacion and left to Italy (our beloved south tyrol) On my slippers I walked in a shopping street in Meran my husband pointed me to the shop wundersocks I ultimately only have a folder did not want to believe this would work.
Back in the Netherlands another 25 km hike ended with blisters. Looked up the folder again and ordered it online.
It’s incredible the walking it really works !! What a relief not to get blisters.
Unfortunately, they are not (yet) available in the Netherlands.
That’s why we regularly go on holiday to South Tyrol to buy our socks.
I hope it can be done again soon.

Carolien van Dijck