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For centuries, the Navajo people have inhabited Monument Valley, having to endure the harsh climate that came with the terrain. It's a spectacular sight located in the Southwest area of the United States in Northeast Arizona. This classic example of American landscape was once home to Anasazi people, who abandoned the area in the 1300s. It was left empty of residents until the Navajo arrived in the area.

During the year 1938 is when Monument Valley received worldwide recognition with the John Wayne film “Stagecoach”. And since then, it continues to be a favorite for photographers and filmmakers alike.

Places We've Visited
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The View Hotel

The Monument Valley's View Hotel is built at the edge of the valley, providing gorgeous views. You'll be able to watch the sunrise when you wake up. Navajo-owned, the View Hotel was opened in the year 2008 in December. It was designed with three floors with 95 rooms altogether. The View Hotel also offers amenities such as Wi-Fi, fitness center and flat screen televisions. The top floor of the hotel features rooms with incredible views of the stars.

The View hotel also has a great restaurant, offering breakfast, lunch and dinner with traditional foods as well as American cuisine. Their Navajo chefs are culinary professionals, inheriting skills they've learned from their family. And as you dine, you'll be able to share great views in the courtyard or their very own observation patio.

The View Hotel The View Hotel
Explore Monument Valley

While you can explore Monument Valley by your own, we recommend to participate on one of the guided tours. We had a really good experience with Navajo Spirit Tours. This guided adventure prides itself in showcasing the areas culture, history and archeology. All tour guides grew up in the area and will show tourists the rich history Monument Valley has to offer. You'll have the opportunity to explore Copper Canyon, Teardrop Arch, and Hunt's Mesa.

Navajo Spirit Tours Navajo Spirit Tours
Wild Horses Wild Horses
Monument Valley
From Easy Rider to Back to the Future

In addition to the famous John Wayne acting in “Stagecoach”, which was filmed in Monument Valley, you'll also learn that Clint Eastwood's “The Eiger Sanction” was also filmed in Monument Valley. In 1994, “Pontiac Moon” had featured Monument Valley in its film. And for those who are more familiar with recent films, “Mission: Impossible II” featured it's star actor, Tom Cruise, climbing in Monument Valley. Along with these, there are several other movies and documentaries which showcase the beauty of the area. It's obvious that the area is favored to filmmakers of all kinds.

Movie Sets
Suns Eye Suns Eye
Monument Valley

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What's your favorite spot in Monument Valley?
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