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Sitting on the southern edge of New York's Catskill Mountains is the historic and picturesque Mohonk Mountain House overlooking Mohonk Lake. This spot has been welcoming vacationers for over 130-years, originally as small retreat it steadily grew to its present size as its popularity soared. The grand hotel and its pristine surroundings is an idyllic getaway for outdoor enthusiasts that want a few nights away or a day trip to enjoy the grounds. There are many great recreational activities within the grounds; the beautiful hiking trails being one of the most popular attractions.

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The hiking here, simply put, is awesome! Well maintained and marked trails traverse through thousands of acres ancient forests that will enchant you with their tranquillity and beauty. You will truly be able to connect with nature here. These trails take you through a region known as Shawangunk, a place referred to as on of the 'last great places' on Earth. Nature here has remained untouched by development for hundreds of years. Several hikes are available, each of varying difficultly levels to suit extreme hiking enthusiasts and the more leisurely visitor. Maps of the routes are provided to both hotel guests and day trippers.

The shortest hike is the Sky Top route, which is 1.1 miles long and takes you up a fairly steep path to the Sky Tower. From the top the views are amazing and if you go on a particularly clear day, you will be able to see an impressive six states, a panoramic view of Mohonk Mountain House, and the surrounding forest. If you don't feel like walking back down the steep entry route, you should use the carriage road, a wonderfully scenic path.

Mohonk Mountain House, NY

The North Lookout is one of the best moderate hiking trails and is only 2.3 miles long. The route is fairly flat, but offers you the most amazing views of the Hudson Valley and Catskill Mountains. When you reach the end of the route, you'll find a pretty gazebo sitting on a cliff's edge, providing a great place to stop, relax, and decompress.

If you're a first time visitor one of the best ways to get acquainted with the environment is to join a bird or nature walk. These walks are led by a naturalist with in depth knowledge of the local flora and fauna, you will even be provided with binoculars. You will learn the history of how the land here was formed, as well as some cool facts about the local creatures living there.

Mohonk Mountain House, NY
Mohonk Mountain House, NY
Mohonk Mountain House, NY
Mohonk Mountain House, NY

In addition to the fantastic hiking, Mohonk Mountain House has more than enough activities to satisfy even the most hardcore outdoor lover. For the most serene experience of your surroundings take an early morning guided canoe tour of Lake Mohonk; the best time to see the variety of wildlife that live in the area. Fishing and paddleboarding are also available on the lake.

Mohonk Mountain House, NY
Mohonk Mountain House, NY

Another fun way to explore the wilderness is on horse back. Your horse will guide you along the carriage roads offering a new perspective of your surroundings. If horses aren't your cup of tea, you can take to the trails on a mountain bike. In the summer you can cool your toes by taking a swim in the lake or hotel pool, while the winter provides great cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.

If you need some downtime try a yoga or meditation class, or pamper yourself in the spa. Whatever your preferences, Mohonk Mountain House always delivers for those in search family friendly activities, peace, and outdoor fun.

Mohonk Mountain House, NY

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