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Guest post by Ryan Ruud
He runs North Shore Experiences, a site that captures and shares the best experiences
for visitors to Minnesota's North Shore of Lake Superior.

You know what I love the most about being outside? Getting up close and personal with nature. It never stops amazing me how incredibly unique the world around us can be. No matter where we live, we are surrounded by landscapes and climates that have their own story to tell.

I grew up in Minnesota and for us; the North Shore has always been a magical place. Minnesota is a state filled with prairies, forests and cosmopolitan culture. A lil’ sumthin’ for every one. But when you head out into the arrowhead region of far northeastern Minnesota, the landscape and region takes on a life of it’s own.

If you ever get a chance to visit Minnesota’s North Shore region, here are three hikes that seem like they belong in a storybook, but capture the unique magic of the region.

Minnesotas North Shore
Solve the Mystery of Devil’s Kettle

Just outside of Grand Marais, Minnesota sits Devil’s Kettle. The Brule River, on its rush to Lake Superior falls into a cauldron, the kettle. As it falls, half of the river continues it flow to Lake Superior. The other half spirals down into the rock.

Where does it go? No one really knows for sure. Researchers have dropped ping pong balls, dies and radio trackers down trying to track it but no one has confirmed the water’s destination although it’s commonly believe the water ends up somewhere in Lake Superior.

To get here it’s a short hike, easily doable in the morning, time for lunch in town and room to squeeze another hike in in the afternoon.

Devils Kettle
See Nature Renew

About 40 miles up the Gunflint Trail, almost kissing the border of Canada, is an area of the North Shore that has been ravaged by a blow down in the late 90s and a couple rounds of wildfires since. This region is home to a rock formation called Magnetic Rock. However, you’ll be drawn to this (ba-dum-bump) hike for more than the rock and it’s compass spinning abilities.

While most of the hikes across Northeastern Minnesota take you through heavily wooded areas, the hike to Magnetic Rock takes you through a region in recovery. You'll see the destruction of a forest fire, but you’ll get a front row seat to the rebirth process of a forest. It’s truly stunning and the low height of foliage allows for great views of the surrounding hills and “mountains."

Magnetic Rock
Hike Minnesota’s Mountains

Yes, I know, mountains in Minnesota? But on the North Shore of Lake Superior rest the Sawtooth Mountains, the largest range of mountains between the Rockies and the Appalachians. These mountains are home to waterfalls and awesome views of rivers, lakes and of course Lake Superior itself. The highest point among the mountains and subsequently in Minnesota is Eagle Mountain, a great winter hike about 6 miles round trip.

Eagle Mountain
Find your magic

There are of course a lot more places to see and visit along the North Shore but the point is that the wonder of nature is all around. What experiences will you get out and discover?

And now, for this trip, bring your Alp Wundersocks, a hat and a scarf and you are set for this adventure. Keeping your feet warm will make such a difference in your comfort.

MM Socks

Wundersocks were designed by Sport Mayrl, a family-owned business in the South Tyrol region of the Italian Alps. Located in the heart of the Alps, where you’ll find both locals and outdoor experts, we spent 30 years looking into this area. Based on our experience, numerous tests and trials, we developed these socks, which truly live up to their name – "Wundersocks".

What's your favorite hike on the Minnesotas North Shore?
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