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Nevado de Toluca

It's a hot spot amongst Mexican tourists due to it's proximity to the 21 odd million living in greater Mexico City but more so because of it's vastness and natural beauty. If you are after an easier hike, make your way to it's crater lakes (Sun and Moon - both equally amazing in their own right) and hike the rim to it's jagged peaks.


Or if wanting an extra challenge (like we did), hike the straight pitch on it's western front that boasts a larger prominence than Iztaccihuatl. The views not only over the crater lakes but of the wider expanse are well worth the effort whichever way you decide to tackle it.

Nevado de Toluca

Two options are presented to tackle this monster, either way it is tough going but ever so rewarding. Attack from the North or the South. My recommendation is to start from Paso de Cortez as from the North poses an increased risk of robbery. I wanted to spend as much time up here as possible to witness the incredible views over Puebla and Mexico so spent the night tucked away under it's ridge line (you may also summit and return in one day). It's 5230m elevation provide stunning views for miles on a nice day.

Nevado de Toluca

But to be honest, it was the view of one that makes this hike so unforgettable. Mt Popocatépetl, the neighbouring active volcano that burbles and groans almost every hour until it releases an easing puff of rock and ash into the sky. Something that can must be experienced first hand.

Nevado de Toluca

This World Exists

By Ryan Gray (Founder of thisworldexists)
thisworldexists uses adventure travel as a vehicle to help create improved education outcomes for disadvantaged communities in the developing world. The organisation focuses on building human capital via education to sustainably improve the lives of individuals, whole families and entire communities by increasing access to education. We use adventure travel as a way to engage with our community whilst helping to assist the communities in which we visit.

MM Socks

Wundersocks were designed by Sport Mayrl, a family-owned business in the South Tyrol region of the Italian Alps. Located in the heart of the Alps, where you’ll find both locals and outdoor experts, we spent 30 years looking into this area. Based on our experience, numerous tests and trials, we developed these socks, which truly live up to their name – "Wundersocks".

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