Rightfully surnamed the "Pearl of the Dolomites", Lake Braies is truly stunning for anyone gazing upon its emerald green or azure green waters, depending on the season. Located at the edge of nature park, the lake is surrounded by amazing sights, the typical towering ridges and peaks of the Dolomites, covered in deep lush forests and green vegetation.

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Lake Braies is one of the lakes that embellish the mountains scenery of South Tyrol region in Italy, part of the Dolomites mountain range. One might think that there's nothing special about a lake in the mountains, but Lake Braies is pretty unforgettable, combining a unique mix of picturesque views, fascinating hiking opportunities, fun water activities, as well as representing a starting point for visits to other outstanding lakes in the Dolomites.

Lake Braies Rowboat rental
Lake Braies
Lake Braies South-west shore

While the water of the lake is almost ice cold and rather deep, there are always those crazy adventurers that will find the courage to jump in. For the regular traveler that prefers more mundane adventures, there are row-boats which can be rented in order to explore the lake from a different point of view.

Lake Braies
Lake Braies
Lake Braies
Lake Braies

This lake is not the only one in the Dolomites, other blue-green gems appearing among green valleys and edgy barren peaks. Among others, the best lakes that can easily be discovered include Lake Carezza and its turquoise waters, enchanting Lake Dobiacco, as well as Lake Landro, Lake Federa, Lake Alleghe, Lake Misurina and more.

Lake Braies
Lake Braies

And now, for this trip, bring your Alp Wundersocks, a hat and a scarf and you are set for this adventure. Keeping your feet warm will make such a difference in your comfort.

MM Socks

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