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With a stunning 18 peaks rising above 3,000 metres, the Dolomites, located in the northern Italian Alps, feature some of the world's most incredibly mountain landscapes.

Places We've Visited
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Hike to Fonda Savio (2.367m)

The Mountain Lodge Fondo Savio is located in the Dolomites of Sesto, in the Cadini Mountain Group.
It takes roughly 1 hour and 15 minutes to reach the Lodge. Breathtaking views at the top will pay off all your hard work. This lodge was built in the year 1963 as a dedication to the memory of three brothers who had passed away during World War II. This hut is impeccable, as it's incredibly clean and spotless.

Dolomites, Italy
Dolomites, Italy
Dolomites, Italy
Dolomites, Italy
Dolomites, Italy
Dolomites, Italy

The hike to Rifugio Fonda Savio is one the shorter hike the Dolomites have to offer, along with many others for those who would like a lighter hike while still being able to take in the scenic intricacy of the area.

Dolomites, Italy Fonda Savio
Dolomites, Italy
Dolomites, Italy
Dolomites, Italy Lake di Valparola
Dolomites, Italy
Lagazuoi 5 Torri (2.255m)

A short cable car ride will bring you to the top of the Lagazuoi Mountain, which was the scene for heavy combats in World War I, between the Italian and Austro-Hungarian armies.

For those who love museums, visit the Open Air Museum located at the top of Lagazuoi. Filled with numerous routes of tunnels and trenches, you'll experience the environment behind the war fought at such a high altitude.

Dolomiti, Passo Falzarego Passo Falzarego
Hiking 5 Torri Lagazuoi
5 Torri Lagazuoi
Dolomites, Italy

And now, for this trip, bring your Alp Wundersocks, a hat and a scarf and you are set for this adventure. Keeping your feet warm will make such a difference in your comfort.

MM Socks

Wundersocks were designed by Sport Mayrl, a family-owned business in the South Tyrol region of the Italian Alps. Located in the heart of the Alps, where you’ll find both locals and outdoor experts, we spent 30 years looking into this area. Based on our experience, numerous tests and trials, we developed these socks, which truly live up to their name – "Wundersocks".

What's your favorite spot in the Dolomites?
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